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Many children, as part of their development, undergo a period where they frequently suck their thumbs. If the habit becomes prolonged or aggressive, though, it can undo their natural tooth alignment and negatively impact their smile. Thumb sucking can become a hazard for your child’s smile if not addressed by you and the dentist.

With thumb sucking can come impairments in the tooth development, and if you are concerned about your child’s thumb sucking, we encourage you to act quickly. Children typically begin replacing baby teeth with permanent teeth around four years of age, and it’s important that they no longer suck on their fingers, thumbs, or pacifiers by this stage.

If you are wondering what causes thumb sucking, it’s often your child trying to comfort and protect themselves. You can help them build confidence and overcome their habit with active praising. You can also speak with your pediatrician if home tactics don’t seem to be working. He or she may provide a substance for your child’s fingers that is foul but non-harming so that thumb sucking is unappealing.

With effective care, your child’s natural smile can last a lifetime. Give Metro 1 Family Dental a call at 301-559-5435 today and schedule a time to meet with our dentist, Dr. Trevor Salmon, if you would like to learn more about the prevention of thumb sucking in Hyattsville, Maryland.