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Uncorrected alignment issues with the alignment of your teeth can gradually cause one to grind unnaturally with another. This can eventually start to weaken an area of tooth enamel leading to problems with chronic dental attrition.

Early signs of a problem like this could include worsening tooth sensitivity, and discomfort, as well as a gradual change in the surface texture of the tooth. In some of these cases, the aberrant texture in the tooth enamel could start to accumulate bacterial deposits fostering a cavity or causing a toothache.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to have the tooth examined by a dentist like Dr. Trevor Salmon before the tooth suffers further distress. After examining the tooth he will help you understand the most effective treatment plan.

This might involve installing a dental filling or having him perform a dental crown restoration. If tooth decay has affected the sensitive core of the tooth, he might need to perform a root canal in advance of installing a dental crown.

After treating the compromised tooth Dr. Salmon might also recommend additional treatments to address the underlying alignment problem or to minimize the relationship between the offending tooth and the new dental crown.

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