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How often do you think about your oral health care restorations and replacements? Even if you have had previous dental work done, it may be easy to forget that you have treatments in place. It is important to remember that if you have dentures, that they are properly cleaned and cared for every night. Even if it’s a single denture, it will need to be cleaned to ensure bacterial contamination or infections do not arise. This includes removing your dentures and placing them in a denture cleaning solution every single night.

With dentures, you can greatly lower your risk for oral health ailments that arise from having an incomplete smile. By keeping dentures in place and clean them correctly, it can restore hindrances that may have arisen when teeth were missing. However, make sure that once they are removed, they are handled with care, so they do not break. Before placing your dentures back into your mouth, rinse off the denture cleaning solution.

Never use any abrasive cleaning materials on your dentures such as bleach or teeth whiteners. If for any reason your dentures should be damaged because you left them out somewhere or if you drop them, you will need to visit our dentist for repairs. Our dentist will be able to make sure that they are adjusted and corrected so they can continue to function for you once again. Never try to fix your dentures yourself as you could end up causing further damage to the dentures and in turn, to your mouth as well.

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