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Do you seem to suffer from a high susceptibility to tooth decay? This can be a real problem if you have poor dental habits. Below are some recommendations to ensure your dental hygiene and lifestyle habits are effective for preventing cavities.

Anyone can develop cavities now and then for different reasons, and the main causes of cavities are poor dental hygiene, eating unhealthy food and not visiting the dentist regularly. We can help you prevent the development of cavities and improve your oral health.

A general guideline is to use effective oral health techniques, including lesser-known ones such as chewing sugarless gum and mouthwash. You should not brush for 30 minutes after eating, since your saliva needs to time to neutralize and wash away the acid from your food. Until you can brush, try chewing a piece of sugarless gum to clean your teeth at first, as this increases the flow of saliva.

Furthermore, eating an unhealthy diet affects your oral health because the starches and sugar feed the plaque on your teeth, creating acid that can result in tooth decay. Try making healthier food choices that don’t put your smile at risk.

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