Veneers are designed to make your smile look its best. Veneers are customized and shaped in a dental laboratory. When veneers are bonded to your teeth, they will make your smile more beautiful and radiant. Veneers enhance your smile by:

  • Fixing crooked teeth
  • Correcting misshapen teeth
  • Correcting stains on your teeth
  • Compensating for too-small or too-large teeth
  • Fixing spaces between teeth
  • Repairing worn and/or chipped teeth

When receiving your veneers, you will visit our dental office twice. During the first visit, your teeth are prepared to receive the veneers and receive a light buffing and shaping to prepare for bonding and any additional thickness that comes as a result of the veneers. Impressions, or molds, will be taken of your teeth to provide a custom fit. Our dentist will then choose the nearest shade to match your surrounding teeth.

During your second dental visit, we will bond the veneers to your teeth. Please remember to follow the recommended care instructions Dr. Trevor Salmon will give you after your veneers have been placed. By maintaining proper dental hygiene, you will support and extend the life of your veneers. Please feel free to contact us at Metro 1 Family Dental if you would like to learn more about a dental veneer in Hyattsville, Maryland.