Keep Your Dental Implants in Tip-Top Shape

Keeping your dental implants in tip-top shape is a necessity to keeping your implants functioning safely and effectively. It is possible for them to get damaged with excessive force or extreme situations, so practice discretion with all activities and foods that could damage them. wants your dental implant recovery and care to be as efficient… Read more »

How to Keep Cavities at Bay

If you want to have the best oral health and smile possible, then it’s best to keep them in tip-top shape. This involves preventing as many dental issues as possible. Today, our dental team would like to teach you how to keep tooth decay away from your smile. Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous… Read more »

Two Great Options: Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers

There are currently two fantastic options you should highly consider when thinking about getting a tooth restoration done: dental crowns and dental veneers. If are not interested in the beauty of your look, or it is for a tooth further back in your mouth, a dental crown might be a better option. Conversely, if you… Read more »

Dental Crowns: The Care Tips You Need

Our dental team cares about you and your smile and we want you to have the best dental experience possible. So, if you’ve recently improved the health and appearance of one of your teeth with a dental crown in , , then we recommend taking good care of the restoration. If you keep your dental… Read more »

Dental Implants Are the Real Treats This Halloween Season

Halloween is in the air! The smell of spicy aromas and spooky treats are now filling our world around us. This year, as we prepare for the holiday season, why not greet your friends and family with a smile restoration that can last a lifetime, through dental implants. Because of the success dental implants have… Read more »

Should I Use Mouthwash?

If you’re brushing and flossing on a regular basis, you’re doing a great job with your oral health. However, there is another step you can add – that takes only a minute – to help boost your oral health to another level. That would be using mouthwash. Let’s look at why Dr. recommends you use… Read more »

A Severely Fractured Tooth Can be Treated and Replaced with a Bridge

Even though your teeth are hard, there are certain situations that can fracture the tooth enamel. Some situations include grinding your teeth at night or suffering a hard blow to the face during an activity. If the fracture is severe and it damages the pulp or root of the tooth, it could be so extensive… Read more »

Tips for Safely Removing Something Stuck in Your Gums

Having a piece of food get lodged in your gums can be uncomfortable, distressing and even painful. When it’s a piece of food, it can be easier to remove than say a piece of a foreign object that broke off while nibbling on a pen or pencil. Even if you’re feeling distress and pain you… Read more »

A Tongue Injury Might Require Some Basic First Aid

It’s relatively common for someone to nip their tongue or bite the edge of it while eating or chewing gum. This rarely results in any significant injury. At the same time there have been some freak accidents, often resulting from a fall or blow to the face, where a person has seriously injured their tongue…. Read more »

Dental Procedures to Improve your Smile

Improving your smile is easier than before thanks to many advances in the dental industry. With the addition of new technology, research, and knowledge, dentist are more adept than ever before at helping patients achieve their ideal smile. Here at in , we’re happy to offer some of the newest dental procedures for our patients…. Read more »