See Your Dentist to See If a Crown Is Right for You

At Metro 1 Family Dental, Dr. Trevor Salmon and our team are happy to offer dental crowns for our patients in Hyattsville, Maryland and the neighboring communities. We offer dental crowns to replace the part of the tooth which is visible. Wearing a dental crown can improve your smile, whether by covering a damaged tooth… Read more »

Early Signs of a Problematic Filling

A filling is used to repair a small to modest sized cavity with an artificial material, to restore the full function of the tooth. As time goes on, the natural wear and tear of biting, chewing, and grinding food, as well as the pervasive presence of bacteria in your mouth, can weaken the cement that… Read more »

Straighten Your Teeth as an Adult With ClearCorrect®

There are millions of adults in this country who require orthodontic treatment, either to correct an underlying issue or to simply straighten their smile. But many of them are hesitant to get it done because they aren’t comfortable with the idea of wearing braces as an adult. Fortunately, there are a variety of cosmetic straightening… Read more »

Your Root Canal Questions Answered

If you are interested in knowing more about root canal therapy in , , our team is more than happy to help you! Root canal therapy can be an overwhelming and even scary thing, but the more you know about it, the more comfortable you will be. So, to help you know more about the… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile With Dental Fillings

Think for a moment about all that your teeth do for you. They bite and chew your food. They help you swallow. They assist with speech. And through all they do every day, they are remarkably resilient. But sometimes teeth can become decayed or cracked. One method of restoring damaged teeth is dental fillings. Dental… Read more »

How Oral Piercings Affect Your Smile

Have you (or someone you love) been considering getting an oral piercing? Do you wonder if oral piercings are safe? If you are wanting to show off your smile with an oral piercing, you might want to be aware of the risks associated with them. They have become increasingly popular and while they may seem… Read more »

The Benefits of Veneers

If you have a dull, cracked, or misaligned tooth, or any other imperfection in your smile, you may understand how uncomfortable smiling can be. It isn’t surprising then that Americans spend billions of dollars every year to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Still, do you ever wonder which cosmetic treatment could be better for… Read more »

Plaque, Tartar, and Your Smile’s Health

What do you know about plaque? Do you ever wonder what you can do to avoid it—or even if trying is really worth the effort? If so, please read on. Honestly, there are several benefits to brushing your teeth, but removing plaque is a very important one. You see, after you eat, food particles are… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth Solutions

Having sensitive teeth can cause a damper when it comes to your favorite foods or drinks. That is why understanding what causes sensitive teeth, and how to fix it can help you get the help you need to reverse it. Many of the different causes of sensitive teeth include: • Cavities or tooth decay •… Read more »

Your Child’s First Teeth

Congratulations! Your baby is here and her teeth are growing. As your baby grows, she will have developed 20 primary teeth—ten on top and ten on bottom by the time she is three. All of these teeth are already in the gums by the time she is born. She will have central incisors, lateral incisors,… Read more »